Petworks Happy Box Winter 2016

In 2001, a Japanese software company decided to create a doll division (only in Japan!). The doll they created, Momoko, was a 1/6 scale fashion doll  whose production and design was spearheaded by a super cool woman, Namie Manabe.

I’ve been eyeing Momoko and the other characters in the Petworks family including Ruruko and Odeco-chan for years now, but they’re a little out of my daily price range. That’s why the Happy Box is so exciting for doll collectors – considering each Momoko and Ruruko is between $100-200 and available for about the duration of a sneeze before they get marked up by third parties. For about $200, collectors get a surprise “Happy Box” that includes three dolls and other goodies like shoes and accessories. I was tipped off about this awesome box last year, and this year I ordered in the first few minutes before they sold out.

First up were some cute postcards plugging recent releases of Ruruko (not so secretly my favorite of the bunch). I actually ordered that little curled blonde “Bird Cage” girl on the left. I couldn’t help myself.


I actually opened this in my car on a lunch break from work (yes, I’m obsessed), and enjoyed the surprises! Here’s Ruruko!


And a very stylish Momoko….


Odeco-Chan – I had never seen one in person!


And last but not least, some accessories.


I was super excited to get a Ruruko in this box, and pleasantly surprised by the Odeco-chan who looks like my sister. Here’s the full set:


And Momoko with a makeover:


Check out my video review here:


4 thoughts on “Petworks Happy Box Winter 2016

  1. Ruruko and Odeko-chan are so cute! When do those boxes go on sale? I’d love to pick one up next year! (I’ve been eyeing used Odeko-chans on Mandarake, but the Rurukos are still too expensive for my tastes, even used…)

    1. Oh I agree they are so pricey! I would sign up for their e-newsletter, and at least in the last two years around Christmas they do a happy box. It’s so worth it and the mystery is really part of the excitement!

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