Pullip Regeneration Moon by Groove

The Regeneration Pullip dolls were released in 2012 and I hear a source of great debate. On one hand, new collectors were thrilled to get updated versions of earlier releases that they may have missed out on (me included). On the other, early collectors felt the original dolls were suddenly undervalued.

Moon was a doll that I never would have considered had she not been released in the Regen series. The shiny face was intimidating to me, and I wasn’t sure I would like her minimalist faceup. In person she was much cuter than I expected, and her black cat outfit is adorable!


jan-2017-330 jan-2017-329 jan-2017-331jan-2017-328

As you can imagine, this girl was covered in plastic. That black stock must be brutal on plastic, and I didn’t want to take any chances. I had grand plans for Moon, in any case. As much as I loved her original look, I wanted to give her a little makeover.


jan-2017-360 jan-2017-358

I wanted to keep her original look intact, and I’m still looking for a black-cat themed outfit that’s less likely to stain. But I added a little faceup, sealed her to take the shine off, changed her eyes to adorable LullabyForDolls purple chips.  And last but not least, I gave her Cool Cat black cat shoes.


One of the best things about a Tuesday Morning doll is that at $39.99, it’s a little less nerve wracking to customize a doll. It’s still stressful because she is so beautiful, but it’s a ton of fun to put on your personal touches.

Here is my video review:

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