To Byul or Not To Byul

The Byul doll in the family of Pullips is like Uncle Fester in the Addamms Family. She’s an important part of the group, but she never really knows where she fits in. Her face mold is polarizing, and if she had been released separately from the Pullip kids, she may have had a different destiny.

(My friend, Bia, is the all-time Champion of Byul. I dare anyone to challenge Byul’s beauty, for Bia would attack like a tiger mom hellbent on seeing her kid win at all costs.)

Was I surprised that in the Starry Night series, Byul was relegated to one of the wicked stepsister roles? Not really. But I like to think she was the nicer of the two nasties. Here is Clorinda, who is sweet despite her wicked character.

August 14 2016 236

The level of detail on this doll is incredible, and that I found her at Tuesday Morning for $39.99 just boggles my mind. She is worth much more than that!

August 14 2016 235August 14 2016 237

I will freely admit that I don’t have many Byul’s, but I did enjoy creating a semi-custom Byul Tiger Lily for my friend,  Bia, this past Christmas. It was fun searching for Blythe-sized eyechips, and with a little elbow grease (and professional help) I had a new Pure Nemo body placed on her. She also got a fun opalescent airbrush on her face.

jan-2017-390 jan-2017-388

My first Byul was Siry, who is an adorable red and white confection.


What’s your opinion of Byul? Should Groove continue with new releases?

One thought on “To Byul or Not To Byul

  1. Byul’s face is unfortunate in that if photographed from the wrong angle, she can look awful, even though she’s utterly adorable from the right angles. Personally, I think she’s a lot easier to enjoy in person than in photos. I desperately want Byul Lilith (I think that was her name) for my collection, but she seems impossible to find. 😦

    I’m constantly envious of what’s available at the Tuesday Mornings in your area. Though I shouldn’t complain too much; I did get the entire Peter Pan set that way, including Tiger Lily. (Though I found her literally years after the other three, when I’d already gone ahead and bought her online for TM-like prices. So now I have two Tiger Lilys, one pristine in her stock, and one to customize. Though I’ve yet to open up her face and change out her eye chips…)

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