Countdown to the London Pullip and Doll Meetup!

It’s exactly one month from today that we’ll be catching a flight from LAX to Heathrow for our very first dolly meetup! It has been tons of fun planning for the event and in my overly-organized fashion, I even have a project plan with tasks so that nothing is missed. #nerdalert

If you are attending the event, here are a few tips:

  • Space will be a little tight – consider bringing only a few of your dolls to the event. We will, however, have a place to do a group doll photo!
  • Come on an empty stomach – your admission includes a full tea service and I am told no one leaves Tea Party UK hungry!
  • We will be live streaming portions of the event on our Facebook group channel. If you are uncomfortable being on camera, just let us know in advance!
  • There will be items for buy/sell/trade available, including about 10 Groove dolls from Tuesday Morning that will be offered at cost. Cash or Paypal is appreciated! If you have items to buy/sell/trade, please bring them!

A few of the dolls packed for the event!

Pullip Camellia is ready to go!

We will also have lots of fun prizes, raffle items and door prizes to give out. Looking forward to meeting some of my UK friends!

Check out the FAQ here. We are sold out, but if you’d like to be added to the wait list, let me know!

2 thoughts on “Countdown to the London Pullip and Doll Meetup!

  1. Have a wonderful time. A full service tea party in London Swooning!!! Maybe I can bake some scones that day and have them while watching the live stream. Have fun my friend!!!!

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