Pullip Lupinus by Groove

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes! Pullip Lupinus is a Creator’s Label release with Silver Butterfly and a very unique girl to say the least. What’s interesting about Pullip dolls is that sometimes you really don’t know what you’re getting with stock, wig, faceup… No matter how many reviews you watch and read! I’m happy to say Lupinus is exquisite from head to toe.

Before I obviously get into her eyes, Let’s talk about her packaging. She is super pretty and really takes your breath away out of the box.

Someone was really angling for attention here…

She has very neutral coloring on her face, and her wig is a very manageable length (though it is a little crazy in style).

I’ll admit that her eyes really wigged me out in stock photos. There was no way I was going to keep her this way, I told myself. I even had new eye chips picked out for her. But they are part of what makes her so unique and in person they are quite enchanting. I couldn’t imagine changing her. At least not yet!

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