I’ve Got Some Explaining to Do…

So the last time I blogged, it was June 2017! GAH! Shame on me, I know. I have zero excuses except I tend to bit off more than I can chew sometimes. So let’s catch up, shall we?

2018 has been nutso for me in the best way. It’s been a dolly extravaganza and I even managed to squeeze in a trip to Japan! (More on that in a minute.) The big dolly news from Groove is their incredible 15th Anniversary exhibit that was held in Yokohama to celebrate Pullip. In conjunction with that, they also held a custom doll contest, with the winning doll getting turned into a full release. It certainly gave doll collectors like me a lot to be excited about, as 2017 for Groove releases, like my blogging, seemed anemic at best.

I had a decision to make this year about whether or not to go see the exhibit, and let’s face facts here. I am a die-hard Pullip fan, and I knew I would regret not going. Sooo…I planned a super short trip from San Diego to see the gorgeous custom dolls in person, to meet the good folks at Groove, and to spend way too much money.

The first couple of days I was pretty proud of myself, trying to acclimate for the time change and keeping my shopping to an acceptable addict level. I hit the usual spots – Akihabara’s Azone Store and Amiami at Radio Kaikan, Mandarake, Don Quixote… Seeing Pullip Eileen in person gave me such a shock as she was so so much prettier than her stock photos!

Sunday was the crazy day, catching a train to Yokohama for the big event. I don’t remember the last time I was that excited and also exhausted at the end of the evening.


I wish I was speechless, because that would mean I made less of a fool of myself when I saw the exhibit. It was packed wall to wall with dolls….and if that weren’t enough, Doll Carnival was happening that day also, so there was quite a crowd.


I’ll be honest. I didn’t know where to look. I had that cold, nervous sweat thing happening the whole time. Did I eat? Did I speak in full sentences? I’m not sure.

The best part of the day wasn’t even doll related. It was that I got to see two friends from two continents – Charon of Charon Dolls and Linda of Mes Crazy Experiences. I love these gals!


I ended up with a shameless amount of loot from the trip but it was well worth it. As for the custom doll contest, the winners were announced in June and the auction happened after that (I’ll save my thoughts on that for my next blog, I promise.) I am so so glad that Groove organized such an amazing event for their fans. I learned so much, too! Like how there is a world of Japanese doll collectors who use completely different channels than the rest of the world (Twitcast, anyone?)

Speaking of Twitcast, Linda and I were interviewed for one during the event. I am forever grateful for her fearless translating efforts with a table full of Asians. 🙂

Pullip 15th Anniversary Twitcast with Miho

Until next time…(and it won’t be a year, I promise!)

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