Groove’s Custom Pullip Contest and Auction

I know others have covered this topic and I’m behind the curve (like way way behind), but I am excited that the auction itself just ended a couple of days ago. What a rush! To see these dolls sell at such insane prices (I see you, Mikiyochii Dolls) might mean death to our wallets but it certainly bodes well for the hobby and the future of Groove.

So where to start? Well, how about the winners? I’ll likely do a video review of this next week because I’m suddenly super opinionated on the subject, but the winner of the custom doll contest was The Secret Garden of White Witch by Feb la Campanura. (Photo credited to Groove.)


In a word…WOW. I mean, wow, really. The artist is from Japan and I understand they used REAL dried flowers in the outfit. Competition was steep for sure with all of these amazing dolls (You can see them all here) but I was surprised that this one rose above the rest only because the theme was dreams. But I can appreciate different interpretations and I’ll be the first in line to buy this gal when she’s ready for mass production.

As for the “special” winners, they included Mikiyochii and Eniva Queen (two of my all-time favorite artists) and Milk_revo, a Japanese artist that I became familiar with when I purchased on of their handmade outfits (See below) at Doll Carnival. Can I just say that this woman’s booth at the event was swarmed with customers clamoring for her outfits? I feel like I’m desperately missing out on the Japanese Groove Doll fan do I join??


As for the rest of the gorgeous, amazing, fabulous OOAK dolls, I believe the artists were given a choice whether they’d like to have their doll auctioned in eBay (with a portion going to charity) or have their doll sent back to them. It’d be a hard decision for me if I was an artist, but I was excited to see so many artists take part in the auction. It was an intense 10 days of Bonkers-Town and there was much chatter on Facebook about the skyrocketing bids.

I watched them all on eBay like a crazy stalker, and found myself losing confidence in my own strategy to acquire one of these very special dolls. In the end, I decided to jump in with three minutes to go. My strategy was to simply bid high on two dolls I really liked, hoping I’d end up with one…

Here are some of the final prices…


Holy cow, right?? Like I said, it was a rush, and on Facebook it seemed the winners slowly started to come out of the woodwork. The biggest Dal fan I know won the sole Dal in the contest, another dolly friend took home Merry, of HAPPY CATS, and another won Camellia. It was so fun to find out some of my dolly friends had scored dolls (which selfishly means I’ll get to see owner photos. Sorry not sorry.)

As for me, well, I got lucky. Twice over. I won both dolls I bid on, one quite a bit higher than the other. I’ll unveil who they are when they arrive!!

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