San Diego Dolly Meetup

In July, we held a dolly meet up. In my house. Some of my family members who shall remain nameless (but rhymes with Nom) thought I was a little crazy, as I didn’t know who was coming and I was essentially opening up my home to strangers. But I believe that you can’t make friends unless you meet (virtually or in person) and can’t we all use a few more fun dolly gatherings to look forward to??

Well needless to say it was an absolute blast and we had about 20 people show up, some driving down from as far as San Francisco(!) and others flying from across the country. I should say that it was also Comic Con weekend, which meant I also went from catsuit to doll meet overnight! Nothing but excitement here, I tell ya.






I started off the day with a video chat with another doll meet that was going on in Houston at the same time. That was really cool to get to connect with people knowing that we all share the love of collecting dolls. I was so happy to get to see friends I’d met at other doll events (Art, Rachael, Mari, Catherine…), and hang with new pals that I’d only met online via FB. It was an amazing afternoon of crafting, photos, overly zealous doll chatter and food. Can’t wait to do it again! (Sorry Mom!)

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