Sweet, Petite, Blythe Wednesday Addams by Dolls by Miki

Oh my goodness this was so much fun to review. My friend Miki, who is like a K-Pop singing, artistic photo taking, doll customizing, supermodel, was generous enough to send me his lovely custom Wednesday Addams doll to review in time for Halloween. I had never held a Blythe Doll in my hands before, partially because I figured once I touched one, I would need 200 of them. And my bank account already stopped speaking to me.

I couldn’t help but get into the spirit a little with mini Wednesday, as she has always been one of my favorite characters. We had a few fun photos together during our brief visit.


A little about Wednesday:

  • She is a factory/fake Blythe from AliExpress
  • The stand is from Michaels and he added hot glue for the gold roots
  • All faceup and carving was done by Miki – https://www.instagram.com/ohmikioh
  • Charms are from Hobby Lobby
  • Shoes are from AliExpress
  • Outfit is a custom dress by PersnicketiePixie: www.etsy.com/shop/thepersnicketiepixie

For more details on her amazing stand and closeups of her face, check out my video review.

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