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I am a lifelong toy addict. I inherited this trait from my grandmother, and as a youngster in Fukuoka, Japan, one of my first memories was of wanting so badly to play with my Obachan’s little miniature toys and Tonka trucks.

Up until recently, I have shamefully hidden all of my treasures in giant plastic storage bins, but no more! Each one of these toys has a story, and I intend to share them all. They bring me joy, and I hope they do the same for you.

Where to find me online:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Omochacrush 

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/121387344@N04/ 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvwaXorGii56h32GnYDCiEQ 

Thanks for stopping by my circus!


36 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! I’m totally subscribing to your blog. I love your mom’s etsy shop–which reminds me: I need to go back and buy some more unmentionables for my doll! 🙂

    1. Thanks for subscribing! I was just thinking of you because my Make it Own doll came and I’m eager to use the gorgeous purple eye chips from your shop! I’ll be posting something for sure on that project!

  2. Hello!..I live in the UK and I love watching your Pullip videos, like you I am also Pullip mad!.Your recent photos plus review on Seila have got me interested in this doll which up until now have overlooked.I am so tempted to get her however I do not tend to go for the gothic type Pullips.I did get Classical Alice,it took me a while before I released her from the box as I was not sure of her after owning so many cuter ones..plus her hair is rather dull.Im torn between Seila,Galene,Banshee,Khun(like her but not the outfit) and the classic look of Tiphona!!.(I have not got much shelf room so I will have to pick wisely!.I will look foward to your future Doll pictures and reviews your doing a great job at it!!.

    1. Hi there! Well we have the same taste – I just ordered Galene yesterday! And Banshee is next on my list. Kuhn is really really beautiful but I agree with you on the outfit – a little skimpy for me. If you’re into a classic doll, Tiphona is really a great choice. Unlike Classical Alice, Tiphona’s hair is wavy and thick, and I love the green of her eyes and dress. If you’re looking to find a contrasting doll to your Alice, Seila is about as extreme as you can get! I have heard not so great things about Galene’s wig, so I’m setting myself up to have to change it if it’s dull. Anyway all of your choices are fabulous, it really just comes down to what kind of doll you want on your shelf!! Let me know what you pick!!

      1. Hi!..yes I will let you know which doll(s) I get.It will be great to see your review on Galene.Can I ask is Seila’s hair shiny?,Im not keen on dull hair(like Classical Alice).Thanks again!.

      2. Shiny…Not really. In fact if you’re not a fan of Classical Alice’s hair, I’d pass on Seila. Those tight ringlets actually remind me of Classical Alice!

  3. Hi I’m just about to purchase my first Pullip! I sew my own period gowns for dolls and I’ve been trying to narrow it down to the perfect doll to model them! I especially love the historical looking ones. I’ve watched all your reviews on my shortlisted Pullips but I’d love to know you thoughts on Pullip Marianne? I think she’s really pretty. Is she in your collection?

    1. I just recorded a video of Marianne! She isn’t uploaded yet but should be in the next week or so. If you like period gowns then Marianne is perfect. Her gown and especially her hair are absolutely over the top and perfectly pre-revolution Paris. I would love to see your work! My mother recently created an Ophelia dress for me and fell in love with period gowns. Do you have a link to your work??

      1. I’ve actually just started making a blog for it! I’m totally new to the world of blogging. I started off as a milliner and I’ve just started the doll designs. I haven’t put any dresses on the blog yet (I’m waiting for my Pullip to model them!) the address is http://www.perioddressdolls.blogspot.com if you’d like to keep an eye out and I’ll get some up soon. I’m going to go for Marianne I think as I just love her look. Looking forward to the video, love your reviews!

      2. Oh lovely! Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Please keep in touch and I will watch your blog!

    1. Thank you!! I’m glad I helped a little. She really is a stunning doll. Those shoes though!! Well that’s an easy fix and she more than makes up for it. I’d love to see pics when you get her! 🙂

  4. Hello! I wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and watching all your YouTube Pullip doll reviews. You give great details on the dolls which helps when there are so many lovely ones to choose from. Yuri is on my want list at the moment. I’ve been collecting since 2009 and have 5 Pullips so far. In one of your latest YouTube videos you take us on a tour of your doll room and your wonderful doll collections. I wanted to ask if you would consider doing a review of Pullip Dahlia Cinderella. Looking forward to your future reviews!

    1. Very nice to meet you! Oh I wish I would have known about these lovely dolls in 2009! (But my wallet is happy I didn’t!) I was very nervous about doing that tour video, it’s a bit personal to share your personal space. But people have been very supportive. Yes, I will do a video review of Dahlia Cinderella. She’s quite beautiful. 🙂

      1. Hi again! I just watched your review of Dahlia Cinderella on YouTube and wanted to thank you. I agree that she is lovely and looks great in other outfits too. I just love her cute little eyebrows.
        I’m happy that you share your love of Pullip and other dolls with all of us. Your videos show how much you enjoy your collections. Looking forward to watching and reading more about your doll hobbies. I recently bought some eye chips from KiraKiraMeansSparkle on Etsy and hope to try my first shot at customizing some of my dolls.
        Thanks again!! 🙂

  5. Hi!
    I live here in sweden. I don’t hanve any pullip dolls.
    I heard rumors that they stoped making pullip Kiyomi.
    Kiyomi is the one doll that amazed me.
    I can’t find her anywhere for a good price.
    I can only find her for maybe 100-500 dollars.
    I can’t afford her.
    I saw your channel and thought that I can ask you for help.
    What should I do?
    Can you please help me?

    1. I think you can watch Pullipstyle.com. She is not listed as “Sold out,” so it’s likely she will come back in stock. The problem is you never know when! Other options are to watch eBay or to contact Jolie Doll Boutique in Paris. They ship within Europe. http://www.joliedoll.net/

      Good luck! Kiyomi is a wonderful doll.

  6. Thank you so much for your advice.
    Even tho I can’t get a kiyomi pullip, or any pullip.
    I appreciate your advice and help.
    But still, even I have fallen for their expensive dolls.
    It would really be nice to have a Kyomi pullip.
    But I guess theere is no use to sit by your computer and just search for a specific thing when you could enjoy the outsides.
    But it would be very fun too have a pullip.

    1. What I have learned about Pullips is to have patience. That is so hard because these dolls are very hard to come by! But just check in now and then to see if the doll is in stock. And I will definitely message you if I see her!

  7. Hello, I’m so like with your’s reviews on youtube about pullip dolls.
    It makes me want to buy one doll 😉
    I like doll with a long and thick hair.
    Can you help me to give advise which type of pullip dolls,
    who have a long thick beautiful hair?
    How about pullip merl or rche?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi there! Pullip Merl is perfect if you like long and thick hair. She has one of the absolute best wigs on a Pullip doll. Rche has very soft, straight hair, and it is beautiful, but it’s not as thick as Merl’s. I hope that helps!

      1. Dear Ms. Ange,

        Thank you for your feedback.

        And can you tell me which are pullip dolls do you think have a most prettiest face?

        If I want to buy my first pullip doll, which doll do you think is perfect for me?

        Best Regards, Elsye (Ms.)

      2. Oh what a great question! The Pullips I think have the prettiest face are Rosalind, Roman Holiday, Alice du Jardin pink, Aurora, and Dita. As for which doll is perfect for you, that’s tough because I think it’s so personal picking your first doll! Do you have one that just took your breath away when you saw her pictures? I think Merl and Tiphona make great first dolls, as their stock is wonderful, they have great thick hair and pretty faces. Good luck choosing!!

      3. Dear Ms. Ange,

        Thank you for your opinion and suggestion, it was very useful for me to choose the first pullip doll. Yes, I agreed with you that back to personal taste. Pullip tiphona and merl are beautiful. But the pullip doll that make me fall in love is kiyomi. Wow, kiyomi is so pretty and amazing, she has everything that I want in pullip doll. Beautiful make up, pretty face and eyes, cute dress and gorgeous hair. But unfortunately, I check on web that stok of this doll was limited 😦 It’s nice to chat with you and please keep posting for update new pullip dolls. I very like your’s review videos on youtube. I’ll waiting and follow for the next your’s video update.

        Have a nice day!

        Best Regards, Elsye

      4. Keep your hope for Kiyomi! She is worth waiting for. Her eyes are glittery and she is actually a cuddly doll because of her outfit. You will absolutely love her! Good luck!

  8. Dear Ms. Ange,

    Good day…
    How are you?
    It is very nice to see you with a lot of update of pullip dolls.
    Please keep update and review pullip dolls.
    I will always follow your’s update.
    I have question about pullip “eve sweet – innocent flower”
    What do you think about this doll?
    Do you have this doll? And will you review this doll?

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Elsye! I just took a bunch of pictures of Eve Sweet and plan to do her video review later this week! I think she’s very lovely and a nice change from all the series dolls. She’s definitely original! Thank you for your message!

      1. Dear Ms. Ange,

        Thank you for your reply.
        Can’t wait to see your review & opinion for pullip eve sweet at youtube.
        Have a nice day!

        Best Regards,

  9. Hey, I keep clicking on all your pullip dolls and finally decided I needed one of my own too, I now have a Pullip Romantic Alice Pink. She’s great. I also just tonight decided to start up a blog about my adventures in as a crafty person with an interest in miniatures and a glue gun.
    Do you mind if I mention/link to your YouTube as a good resource for pullip reviews?

    1. You are too kind and congrats on starting your collection! Of course you can mention me. Happy to answer any questions! Be sure to let me know what the link is so I can follow you.

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