Pullip Myra by Groove

Mae West had some of the best quotes of all time. My favorite is, “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted…”

Pullip Myra reminds me a Mae. Attitude, sass, and beauty, all wrapped up in a pink satin package. I got Myra on eBay at a nice price but without a piece of her stock – her cane. Otherwise she was in excellent condition and I can’t get over how she comes with her own red chair!

myra 2 myra1 myra2 myra4


The details of her outfit are really stellar, and her second outfit is just as chic. Now if only she came with actual clothes instead of just her skivvies!

myra1 myra2 myra3

Here is a pic of her certificate. myra4

YouTube Giveaway 2 – Winners Announced!

I just announced the winners of my second giveaway on my YouTube channel…and now I’m sad it’s over. Is that bad?

I was overwhelmed by the response and the kind comments I received from folks all over the world. Makes me feel like I belong! Who knew there were so many doll people? And an even better question – why did I wait so long to show off my crazy collection?

Thanks to everyone who entered!

I See London, I See France…and Pullip Dolls

My brother and I recently went to London (and Paris) for a whirlwind 5-day visit. Why, you ask? Because my brother is a music nut in the same way that I’m a toy nut. He lives in New York City and has seen over 1,000 concerts in his lifetime. (This crazy collecting gene runs deep in our family).

Our intention was to see Kate Bush, a singer from the late 70’s, 80s and uh…beyond who has only toured once – and that was 35 years ago. Kate is a fairy of a woman with a strange, beautiful voice and the face of a doll.  She’s also something of a prized unicorn in the UK. Seeing her meant fighting the entire British population at 2:00AM online for tickets.

Well, the music gods were on our side (as were our credit cards), and off we went.

Sept.28.2014 601Did we see all the typical London sites? Oh sure. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square? Check, check check.

Sept.28.2014 637 Sept.28.2014 659 Sept.28.2014 673 Sept.28.2014 694 Sept.28.2014 709

But our itinerary was unique in that my brother wanted to see concerts and go to record stores. All I wanted to see were toy shops. We both appreciate the other’s fanaticism, so we made great travel buddies.

Sept.28.2014 623 Sept.28.2014 627 Sept.28.2014 629 Sept.28.2014 634 Sept.28.2014 636 Sept.28.2014 665In Paris we spent 24 hours…and it was the most memorable time spent. I’ve posted a video on this, but I was able to visit the Jolie Doll Pullip Boutique in Paris. It did not disappoint.

Sept.28.2014 728 Sept.28.2014 729 Sept.28.2014 730 Sept.28.2014 731 Sept.28.2014 732 Sept.28.2014 733 Sept.28.2014 734 Sept.28.2014 735 Sept.28.2014 736 Sept.28.2014 737 Sept.28.2014 738As for the Kate Bush show, it was…epic. Yeah, yeah, that word is WAY overused but seriously, people. I cried. She played Cloudbusting as an encore and every single person sang along. Brits are crazy about their Kate. It was a great time. (Cool review of her show here.)

My brother now talks about going to Brussels, Amsterdam, and on the other side of the spectrum, Cape Town. He’s got the travel bug now. I wonder if there are any Pullip shops in Africa? Hmmm…

Creator’s Label Pullip Seila by Groove

If Wednesday Addams had a best friend, she would be Seila. This doll is so lovely, so sad, and so dark that I overlooked her for some time before I curiously looked up pictures of her online.

In person she is a dream. The quality of her stock in incomparable. Her two-toned eyes and sad eyebrows give her so much depth that your heart almost breaks when you see her. She comes with so many peculiar items – a birdcage, a book, a key, and a little monster friend – that you imagine the designers had come up with such a wonderful story for her. Can’t recommend this doll enough to collectors.

seila seila2 seila3 seila4 seila5 seila6 seila7 sela6

Introducing Customized Pullip Mia – Giveaway!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am not naturally a crafty person. But my love of Pullip dolls and this totally fun art of customizing them has made me venture into more than my fair share of Michael’s and Joann’s fabrics. I’m even considering sewing classes. (Right now my seamstress mom is laughing at me somewhere.)

I’m also a frugal gal, so I wondered just how cheaply I could customize a doll without sacrificing quality or beauty. Presenting…. Pullip Mia, my customized Pullip Peter Pan Doll!



I tried to use as much of her original stock as I could, plus lots of donated or freebies (her eyes are KiraKiraMeansSparkle chips that were donated to a gift bag for PUDDLE, her skirt and undies were made my SetsieSilhouette, my mom’s Etsy shop).

Her wig was ordered from Pullipstyle for $22. The doll itself cost $45 on Amazon (she was on sale with free shipping!).  So in total, Mia cost around $65 (after shipping).

I think she’s adorable, and I also think she’s a perfect choice for a Doll Giveaway!! 

You’ll need to check my YouTube page to enter, but the “rules” are super easy. Just subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment. Second prize is a Daiso Japan gift bag plus extras.

Here are some before and after pics of Mia!

mia6 mia7

mia4 mia5 mia8

mia1 mia2

Angel Gate Doll Custom Project

I’m on eBay like a madwoman, and I kept seeing these doll heads called Angel Gate (and some custom dolls too) that pop up in my search for Pullip dolls. What are Angel Gate dolls, you ask?

From what I can tell, the head molds are the same as Pullips, but they’re essentially knock offs. They’re beautiful – the custom ones I’ve seen – but something always seems a little off about them. Like their eyes are floating up to the ceiling or something.

Well I bought an Angel Gate head to practice my face up skills before tackling a Make it Own, and I was shocked to find that the doll head doesn’t come with an eye mechanism. In fact, the head doesn’t even have holes for an eye mechanism. What the…
















The color of the skin doesn’t seem to match any of the Pullip dolls either. The closest seems to be a “Natural” color, but it definitely has a yellowish tint.

Well…being the adventurer that I am, I took a stab at face-up. Sealed the face with MSC (Though I hear you don’t need to), and also sealed the eyelids.

Used pastels and colored pencils for the face, and a little varnish on the lips. Sprayed one last time to seal the color. (Don’t judge my eyebrows. I know I have to get better!)



So far so good, right? I put the doll back together to get a first look, added a wig and an outfit…



But what to do about those eyes, right? I could drill holes in her head to make the eye mechanism fit, but that seemed pretty high maintenance. I researched online for how to add acrylic eyes to a doll like this and they suggested eye putty….or clear silicone ear plugs from the drugstore. (WHO’S CRAFTY NOW, I ASK YOU?)

I tracked down ear plugs and gave it a go, molding the 22mm eyes into the dolls head. This presented a couple of issue:

  • Her gorgeous eyelids were stuck open
  • Getting those eyes to look in the same direction was a pain

The end result…well, she had eyes but she was so ghoulish looking that it freaked me out a little.



YIKES. Close your eyes already! I ended up shutting her eyelids and changing her wig and outfit. For now she’ll be quietly reflecting with her eyes closed, until I can figure out how to do a better job on her eyes.

ag6 ag7


To be continued…



Ever After High Legacy Day Madeline Hatter

I’m fairly discriminating when it comes to Ever After High dolls by Mattel. Although I think they’re all pretty fabulous, my doll fund is always tested to its limits so that means I need to pick and choose carefully which dolls make it into my collection.

I’m a stickler for a pretty face, and I think sometimes Mattel gets lazy about both faces and stock (those Getting Fairest dolls are practically in their underwear!).

Well the Ever After High Madeline Hatter Legacy doll does not suffer from ho-hum-ness.  Like the Cerise Hood doll, she is amazingly detailed, from her gold top hat down to her stacked teacup shoes. And she was affordable too at $24 on Amazon Prime.


mad mad2 mad4 mad5 mad8 mad9



Pullip Prupate by Groove

I happened to see pictures of this doll online during my usual Pullip Flickr stalking. At the time she was out of stock, but as if a doll fairy waved her wand, POOF! Prupate showed up on eBay I had to have her!

I was a little worried about the strange little blonde ringlets, but they’re actually very cute and unique. I adore Prupate’s stock and especially love her purple(!) eyes.

pro pru2 pru3 pru4 pru5 pru6 pru7




Pullip Fraulein Doll

Never have I seen so much brown on one doll! But gosh she’s a cutie. Fraulein is a popular Pullip doll and I am constantly getting questions about her.

The good – her sweet face, her boots and stockings and that fab handbag.

The meh – her wig is pretty but crunchy and dry, and that dress, although adorable, is very very brown.

Overall, though I just adore her. She has the most fantastic expression and her face-up is flawless.

fraulein fraulein1 fraulein2 fraulein3 fraulein4 fraulein5 frauleina

Pullip Milk Latte Doll by Groove

I have been on the fence about this doll for awhile, and decided to bite the bullet despite her 80s hair band wig. Was it as bad as I thought? Oh yeah.

But the good news is that the doll itself is gorgeous. Those blue eyes are so dreamy, and her dress is really very beautiful.

milk1 milk2 milk3 milk4 milk5 milk6 milk7 milk8 milk9


Here she is with her new wig (AKA Sassy McFrassy)