Pullip Prupate by Groove

I happened to see pictures of this doll online during my usual Pullip Flickr stalking. At the time she was out of stock, but as if a doll fairy waved her wand, POOF! Prupate showed up on eBay I had to have her!

I was a little worried about the strange little blonde ringlets, but they’re actually very cute and unique. I adore Prupate’s stock and especially love her purple(!) eyes.

pro pru2 pru3 pru4 pru5 pru6 pru7




Pullip Fraulein Doll

Never have I seen so much brown on one doll! But gosh she’s a cutie. Fraulein is a popular Pullip doll and I am constantly getting questions about her.

The good – her sweet face, her boots and stockings and that fab handbag.

The meh – her wig is pretty but crunchy and dry, and that dress, although adorable, is very very brown.

Overall, though I just adore her. She has the most fantastic expression and her face-up is flawless.

fraulein fraulein1 fraulein2 fraulein3 fraulein4 fraulein5 frauleina

Pullip Milk Latte Doll by Groove

I have been on the fence about this doll for awhile, and decided to bite the bullet despite her 80s hair band wig. Was it as bad as I thought? Oh yeah.

But the good news is that the doll itself is gorgeous. Those blue eyes are so dreamy, and her dress is really very beautiful.

milk1 milk2 milk3 milk4 milk5 milk6 milk7 milk8 milk9


Here she is with her new wig (AKA Sassy McFrassy)


Pullip Customizing Tips-The Pullip Clone, Angelgate


Just got my first AngelGate head. This was immensely helpful!

Originally posted on White Lily Toys:


Making your first custom Pullip doll can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. It is important to do your research before attempting to customize your doll.

As an alternative to customizing an actual Pullip, there are Pullip clone heads available for sale on ebay. These Pullip clone heads are from China and are called “Angelgate” dolls. These doll heads a very similar to Pullip heads. It is hard to tell the difference between the two types of heads. 

However, because Angelgate heads are clones of Pullip, they differ from actual Pullip heads.

For one, the Angelgate heads do not have an eye mechanism. They are completely hollow. They do, however, have an indent in which eyelids can be placed. The eyelids can be closed so that it looks like the doll is closing its eyes. Because there is no eye mechanism, Angelgate dolls use glass eyes (in size 22 or…

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Pullip Make It Own Kits

With so many crazy doll people ripping apart and customizing perfectly good dolls, JPGroove decided to release kits called “Make It Own” which let folks customize dolls from scratch.

I bought two Make It Own kits from PullipStyle.com - a gray-toned one and a pale-toned one.

Scary stuff. What you get in the kit are basic parts that you paint, varnish, and finish yourself. Even the eyes! I was totally intimidated…

What I used:

  • Mr. Super Clear (the mack daddy of all finishers)
  • Pastels
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glitter Glue
  • Varnish
  • Super glue

mio7 mio6 mio4


There’s a lot of waiting involved because things need to dry, but it was a ton of fun! The gray doll isn’t quite done yet – she’s going to be a Version 2.0 of Pris from Blade Runner.

mio1 mio2 mio3 mio5

Not too shabby for the first time out the gate, right?

mio10 mio9 mio mio8

1988 Fraggle Rock McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

Two things I love – Muppets and McDonalds. In 1988, McDonalds released a series of awesome Fraggle Rock toys with their Happy Meals. You bet I ate a lot of McNuggets to get the set!

I dug these out of a bin the other day and thought I’d share. Obviously my fave is Wembley and Boober in the pickle.

fr6 fr5 fr4 fr3 fr2 fr1

Throwback from the past! Here’s the commercial promoting the toys:

Ever After High Lizzie Hearts Doll by Mattel

Oh Amazon Prime you tease me so! Good thing I’m relentlessly checking to see which dolls go on sale. That’s how Lizzie Hearts arrived to me today – quietly, unceremoniously wrapped in a cardboard box, and yet bursting with attitude.

lizzie8 lizzie6 lizzie7 lizzie3 lizzie2 lizzie4 lizzie5 lizzie1

I found this marvelous YouTube review by J. Duaney.


Pullip Hannah by Groove

Groove is woefully lacking on producing redheaded Pullip Dolls, which is why I had to have Pullip Hannah! Hannah is a collaboration doll with a “sweet character brand” in Japan called SunaUna. You can even buy a real-life sized outfit to look like your doll! If you’re into that, of course…

Now I know it’s not exactly hip to dress like your doll, but how chic is this girl?  Those tights are fierce.

hannah5 hannah hannah4 hannah3 hannah2 hannah1

Here’s my YouTube review of Hannah:

Pullip Peter Pan Customized Dolls

Anyone who’s interested in customizing Pullip Dolls knows it’s not easy finding affordable dolls to potentially destroy. Between super glue, blunt objects, and an Exacto knife, I’ve done some real damage as a newbie.

Pullip Peter Pan is a great starter doll for collectors who don’t know what faceup is.  She’s usually available on Amazon at a very affordable price, so I bought 2! Here are some pics of the original doll as well as some re-wigging and re-chipping.

peter1 peter2

peter2e peter2f peter2g peter2h peter6

peter2j   peter4  peter8




I still can’t believe that this is the same doll!


Ever After High Holly and Poppy O’Hair Twins

I picked these girls up on Amazon Prime the second they were available! After exhausting variations of Apple and Raven, it was exciting to see different dolls released in the line.

hollyandpoppy1 hollyandpoppy2 hollyandpoppy3 hollyandpoppy4


One of the things that draws me to this doll line from Mattel is the fun fairy tale element. The O’Hair girls are Rapunzel’s daughters, but since there are two of them and only one destiny, it means Poppy – the Rebel – gets to choose her future.

Deep stuff. Recommended ages: 5 and up.