September Pullip Releases Announced Pullips Scarlet & Rozen Maiden Hina Ichigo

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Groove announced two new Pullips slated for release in September via their blog early this morning.  Pullip Hina Ichigo is a continuation of the newer Rozen Maiden collaboration series which started earlier this year with the release of Pullips Shinku and Keikujyaku and continued with the subsequent releases of Suigintou and Kirakishou. This is the second time that Hina Ichigo has been released in doll form by Groove, in the previous collaboration series she was released as a Dal rather than a Pullip. While Dal’s diminutive stature suited Hina Ichigo’s character, her sour expression did not as it seemed like the only time Hina Ichigo wasn’t smiling in the original anime series was after Suiseiseki stole her strawberry daifuku! Pullip Scarlet on the other hand is not a collaboration but an original design, she is a bold contrast of red, black and white.  She looks quite dramatic compared to the super sweet…

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SDCC exclusive Tokidoki Pullip and Dal revealed!


I’m in San Diego and missed getting tickets. #Ashamed

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Tokidoki revealed the SDCC exclusive Pullip and Dal collaboration dolls today: Pullip Super Stella and Dal Vendettina!
Tokidoki SDCC Dolls revealed
Both dolls are limited to 250 each, it is unknown if they are being sold separately or only as a pair or how much they will cost. Will update when more details become available!

Initial thoughts- I LOVE THEM! Super-cute superheroes!

Super Stella is a rainbow delight! I had a feeling with a  name like Vendettina she would be a bit of a villain.

EDIT: Some additional information has become available about the dolls.

  • They will be sold separately and will be priced at $130 each according to Tokidoki’s facebook page (link).
  • Some additional photos of Vendettina and Super Stella have surfaced via the creator of Tokidoki Simone Legno’s instagram account (link). Simone Legno also said via a comment there they may be sold on Tokidoki after SDCC (assuming they don’t…

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Pullip Yuri Doll

This was my mom’s least favorite doll…because she says Yuri is wearing  “peasant’s kimono.” (The Japanese are incredibly elitist.)

But I love my Pullip Yuri! Got her on Amazon Prime at a reasonable price and I adore her sweet little face, her outfit, and her cool bun hair.

Here’s my video review:

And some pics!

yuri2 yuri3 yuri4 yuri5 yuri1



Pullip Princess Cinderella

Now this is a princess doll, right? Pullip has two versions of Cinderella – one called “Dahlia” (the girl in the peasant dress) and this snazzy number in the more traditional dress we remember from the ball. She’s incredibly details, and her accessories (like her headband) are really well made.

Here is my video review:

And some pics. Check out my Flickr for more.


cindy4 cindy6cindy3 cindy2


My Select Pullip Paja Doll – Custom Dress Complete

My lovely Pullip Paja doll has come home and she looks lovely, right? Details on her outfit:

  • New red patterned dress made from kimono fabric from Japan
  • Red ribbon choker with bead detail
  • Two hair ribbons
  • Beaded bracelet
  • Small handbag with bead detail
  • Shoes (added thanks to

paja5 paja4 paja3 paja2 paja1

My mom is super talented – and I’m hoping to help her sell her creations shortly on Etsy!

Pullip Tokidoki Luna Doll

I scored!

After much scouring, inner struggle, and suffering, I found an original Tokidoki Luna doll on eBay and guess what? I won her for $100!  Deals can be had, people! (If by “deal” you think $100 is cheap for a doll. Don’t judge me.)

Anyway, she is lovely – if you aren’t familiar with Tokidoki, it’s a Japanese art lifestyle brand designed by an Italian artist in LA named Simone Legno. Tokidoki means “sometimes” in Japanese – though I have not confirmed this with my Okasan. Anyway you have probably seen the artwork and not even realized it.

Here’s my half-ass video review of Tokidoki Luna – which I must have done half asleep because I forgot to mention some of her cool accessories!

Luna comes with:

  • Knit black beanie with the character “Adios” on it
  • A shirt, pleated skirt, thigh high socks, black shorts, studded booties, and a neck and wrist cuff
  • A second Tokidoki print shirt that matches the little black shorts she’s wearing
  • A functional Tokidoki bag
  • A plush Donutella
  • Two sheets of tattoo stickers

Luna was the first collaboration doll between Tokidoki and Groove, who produces the dolls and she was a huge hit with doll collectors. So huge that she sold out, and the company did another collaboration doll, Luna Rosa (and coming in May – Violetta).  In these pics, I’ve included some of my cute little Tokidoki accessories. Enjoy!

tokidoki4 tokidoki5 tokidoki6 toki1 toki3 toki4 toki5 toki6 toki7 toki8 tokidoki3

August Pullip Releases Announced: Classical Alice Sepia Version & Meg

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I got excited when I woke up this morning and saw that Groove had made an announcement via their blog during the night, I had thought the SDCC release(s) had finally been revealed no but the August Pullips have finally been revealed. While they have an August release in Japan, they will not be released in the US until a month later as it takes Pullip a little while to make her journey to the US. So far two Pullips have been revealed, Classical Alice Sepia Version and Meg.
While one doll is a recolor of a doll that was released last year, I am happy to say that neither doll is a collaboration which is turning into a true rarity of late.

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Pullip Catwoman Doll

I kept eyeballing Pullip Catwoman on Amazon Prime because of her price – $69.99 is a steal for a Pullip Doll these days. She came in less than great condition – a little staining on her face, a scratch over her eye, glue showing under her wig. Her stock was pretty fab, though, and that little tiny whip is no joke! in any case I bought her to customize her, so that sad little black wig came off in a hurry.

What’s great about this doll is her glam face-up, and her darker skin tone. Most Pullips are ghostly white.

Here’s my video review on YouTube:

And some pics!

IMG_7118 IMG_7120 IMG_7121 IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7124 IMG_7125 IMG_7126 IMG_7128 IMG_7130 IMG_7131

Here’s an “After” shot of my Beyoncé-esque Pullip Catwoman custom.


Pullip Dolls Victorique de Blois Doll

This dolly was a fluke buy on eBay from a doll collector who just hadn’t “bonded” with the doll. I’m learning all these terms! In any case, Pullip Victorique de Blois was a steal, and though I wasn’t crazy about that blonde mullet, the doll itself is gorgeous.

vic vic2 vic3 vic4 vic5

I didn’t know much about the manga, but Victorique is a character from Gosick, a Japanese novel series about a Japanese exchange student who meets a mysterious and brilliant girl who only leaves the library the sleep.

I decided to re-wig her with one of my super cool peach pink Leeke wigs, which I think made her even prettier! The green dress is a homemade creation by my mother, which she had me put up in her Etsy shop.

vic6 vic7 vic8 vic9 vic10 vic11 vic12 vic13