Muppet Whatnot Workshop – Custom Muppet

I’ve found a brand new show that I’m addicted to – Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. Finally – a reality show about building puppets! The winner gets a full time gig at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. SCORE!

Anyway watching this fascinating show reminded me that I have two Muppets of my own. A Doozer  from Fraggle Rock (which I’ll blog about later), and this gorgeous lass that my sister got me for Christmas a few years back from the FAO Schwartz Whatnot Workshop in New York City.

mupp mupp2 mupp3 mupp4 mupp5

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m obsessed with all things Jim Henson. So when this Muppet showed up under the Christmas tree, I was in awe! The workshop is very clever, too. You pick your face, body color, hair, eyes, and outfit, then preview the look of your customized Muppet before you have it created. It’s not cheap, but neither is that (yawn) Build A Bear. And this is way way cooler.

Watch this cute video to see how they work.



Pullip Kiyomi 12″ Fashion Doll from Groove (JAPAN)

Pullip Kiyomi, if loving you is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

I was really on the fence with this doll, because that headpiece was not something I was feeling from the pictures online. Kiyomi is a brunette with blonde streaks, and she comes dressed in the most adorable sleepwear ever (complete with slippers).

kiyomi1 kiyomi2 kiyomi3

What got me with this one were her eyes (the have gold glitter in them!) and this YouTube Review from Ms. Scarlett B:

Her wig is a bit unruly, but you forgive her because she’s pretty stinkin’ cute. Highly recommend this one.

kiyomi4 kiyomi5 kiyomi6 kiyomi7 kiyomi8 kiyomi9 kiyomi10 kiyomi11 kiyomi12



Japanese Toys! From Kokeshi to Kaiju Art Exhibit at San Francisco Airport

How’s this for an awesome flying experience? San Francisco Airport (SFO) has an art exhibit in Terminal 3 that features tons of Japanese toys from across centuries! It’s called Japanese Toys! From Kokeshi to Kaiju and if you’re at SFO before April 2014, check it out!

SFO San Fran Japanese Toys14 SFO San Fran Japanese Toys13 SFO San Fran Japanese Toys12 SFO San Fran Japanese Toys11 SFO San Fran Japanese Toys10 SFO San Fran Japanese Toys9 SFO San Fran Japanese Toys8 SFO San Fran Japanese Toys7 SFO San Fran Japanese Toys5 SFO San Fran Japanese Toys4 SFO San Fran Japanese Toys3 SFO San Fran Japanese Toys2 SFO San Fran Japanese Toys


Pullip Doll Day – AKA Best Days Ever

My haul has arrived! Thank you PullipStyle for making my dreams come true.

This delivery includes:

  • Pullip Kiyomi - From the Beary Fairy series by Groove
  • Pullip Pere Noel - A white ballerina who was the main visual from the Matsuya Ginza’s Christmas display in 2012
  • Pullip Tiphona - A blonde stunner from the “Innocent World” line

Reviews on all of these dolls to come!

pullipday pullipday2

The Curious Case of Ken Doll

Whoa…I was in the toy aisle of a Walmart recently and caught wind of this dude. Guess what? It’s Ken!


Is it just me, or does he look like he’s 19? And look at those guns!

Here are some fun facts about Barbie Doll’s long-suffering boyfriend:

  • He’s had more than 40 jobs
  • Ken and Barbie met on the set of a TV commercial in 1961.
  • In 2004, they broke up and decided to be “just friends.”
  • For Valentine’s Day in 2011, they got back together! Though we still don’t know if they’re dating or not… So complicated!

Anyway here are the Ken Dolls I remember:

dreamdateken ken2 ken3

I can’t help but laugh hard when I see these old pics. Ken was our first macho role model and the supposed dream dude for Barbie! The reality is he had a hair helmet, a neck like meat loaf, and a very alien-like naked body. That goofy smile didn’t help his cause, either.

All jokes, aside, as a budding writer and story-teller, Ken made many a love story possible amongst my Barbie village, and I have great affection for the big oaf.

Featured Image -- 845

1/6 Yashiro Kasumi review by Kotobukiya


Great review!

Originally posted on vanichufigures:


I remember eyeing on her for months before I decided to purchase her, only because I saw her on sale on Rakuten c: I believe I bought her for second hand & sealed.
Why did I buy this? Not sure. There’s this charming look on her face… and I can’t quite lay a finger on her expression. Is she thinking? Is she sad? Is she just relaxing and enjoying whatever she’s looking at? Also, her hair. Yeah, you probably read this many times. “Haaairrrrr!” Yeah. Her hair is truly beautiful.


I couldn’t find an original illustration to this figure. Kasumi, apparently, has very stiff and pokey hair. I find it interesting how Kotobukiya changed that and gave her graceful long hair. It almost looks like she slept with hair conditioner and the next day, bam! Really smooth, long, and untangled hair. Also, Koto changed her hair color too. I don’t really have an opinion on…

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Tiny Boxes….in my Room

Obviously I’m a collector with this massive toy collection. Aside from dolls, figurines, stuffed animals, and other collectibles, I also adore tiny boxes. Here are a few from my collection.

blue heart box box box2

Bird (Above: From the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis)

box3 box4 box5

Painted box (Above: Also from the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis)box6 box7 box8

Gifts from Australia! (Above and below)


April Announcements for Groove dolls (Pullips LE Aira & Kore, Dal Silane and Pang-ju Black Russian-pang)


Great update on the latest releases!

Originally posted on Pullips and Junk:

Groove announced April’s releases via their blog earlier this morning. Two Pullips, a Dal and a Pang-ju have been announced so far, none of which are collaborations it’s been a long while since we have seen a month without a single collaboration. The dolls will all be released in April in Japan but they won’t be released in the US until May.
Now then let me entertain you…

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